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film school.

Online learning specialist Clive Shepherd talking to a filmmaker Asatuurs Keim about film production for corporate and e-learning needs.

This course is aimed at speakers, trainers, subject experts, artists, bloggers, journalists, marketeers, digital content creators – in fact just about anyone who wants to create digital video content.

In this step by step guide for beginners, Asatuurs and Clive are going through all the stages of corporate film production.

From logistics, style, and idea to camera gear, lighting, editing, and delivery.

Complete this course and you’ll be able to:

determine when live-action video is the best medium for a particular project;
develop compelling concepts for your videos;
select appropriate equipment for your projects, including cameras, tripods, teleprompters, and microphones.
prepare properly to ensure a shoot goes smoothly;
use the appropriate techniques for different types of shoots, i.e. pieces to camera, vox pops, how-to videos and live presentations;
edit various types of video material;
choose the best distribution channel for your content.

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