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Filmmaker Asatuurs Keim Portrait

I am Asatuurs Keim, a filmmaker and director deeply rooted in cinematography and visual storytelling. As the BA Programme Leader at Raindance Film School, my passion extends beyond the academic and technical aspects of filmmaking.


I'm motivated by the belief that filmmaking is a collaborative art form and it must remain truly independent to preserve its authenticity and impact on societal dialogue. 


It is all about authentic human-centred narratives fostering a deeper sense of connection among people.

Cinecity Film Festival Official Selection Laurel
OFFICIAL SELECTION - The Box Film Festival - Newbury - 2019 Laurel
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Con Nooga Film Festival - 2020 Laurel
WINNER - BEST DOCUMENTARY - The Guernsey Eisteddfod Festival 2018 Laurel
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Raindance Film Festival - 2018 Laurel
OFFICIAL SELECTION - London Independent Film Awards - 2018 Laurel
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